With our Rewards Points program you earn loyalty points that can be redeemed on a future purchase.  The concept is straightforward and joining is easy - create your account and the system will automatically keep track of your purchases.  You'll earn one point for every dollar spent (and you'll get 50 points just for creating your account!!!) so the savings can add up.  Redeem your points each time you reach 100 points or save them up for a special purchase - it's your choice.  If you would like to use your points simply click "apply points" during checkout.

Here is the straight scoop:

  • The minimum value that can be redeemed is 100 points and this calculates into a $1.00 discount on your purchase. 
  • Loyalty points are awarded based on the value of items - sorry no points earned on the value of shipping and handling charges.
  • Points do not expire but we reserve the right to add an expiration date or modify the terms.
  • Changes in the Rewards Points Program will be posted for at least 30 days before taking effect.