Dichroic Slide

Dicro Slide(TM) is paper coated with dichroic. This product is COE neutral meaning that it can be used with most glass. It is easy to use and can be cut with scissors, paper punches, knives or simply torn into pieces. Because it is dichroic, it can be fired on top of glass or layered in between - just like dichroic, it cannot be fired face-to-face with other dichroic or metals. Top range of fusing temp is about 1500F. Dicro Slide (TM) has been used successfully on ceramics and porcelain. Please store the paper in a manner that keeps the coating from coming into contact with other dichroic coated paper. To use: - Cut or punch the dichroic paper into your desired pattern or shape - Soak in distilled water until the backing starts coming loose - 1 to 2 minutes should be sufficient but larger pieces may need more time. - Remove the design from the water, gently blot excess water on paper towel. - Carefully slide and position design on to clean, oil free glass. - Fuse using your preferred firing schedule. Hold for approximately 60 minutes at 950F if fusing large pieces to allow sufficient time for venting before moving on to full fuse temperatures.

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